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I’m Gary and I’m a filmmaker, presenter and occasional actor based in the UK. Here on this site you’ll find out what I’m upto…

  • I Shot the Sheriff

    Three years ago I had an idea. It was a great idea. Although it remained just an idea. It's no longer an idea. Shall I just get straight to the point? I'm writing a movie, a big movie, it will cost a lot of money to make. Am I ready for it? Hell yes!

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  • Homesick for Haddock – Why I love Grimsby

    I was born and raised in Grimsby. That's not something most Grimbarians would be proud of saying but I love my hometown even though I no longer live there. Let me explain what's so great about Grimsby from an exile's point of view.

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  • Making Television History in the New Year

    2020 mark's my 23rd year as a filmmaker. In this time I have been involved in dozens of film, television, commercial and other projects. Admittedly I don't have a great deal to show for it but I'm hoping 2020 is the year this all changes.

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