Back in 2008 I was on the management committee of a television production company called Turning Point Productions. We produced a TV series called “In Focus” which promoted disability awareness.

The team at Turning Point Productions were all invited onto a TV production course at Grimsby Institute and the following video was one of the projects we did as part of the course. It’s an informercial encouraging potential employers to see beyond a disability.

It stars a young me and another young me with Stuart Hall as the narrator.

It’s hard to imagine a worse live “entertainment” show than the one I watched on Saturday night. Instead of making a big “Splash!” on ITV it made barely a ripple in my eyes.

Olympic star Tom Daley’s new show “Splash!”, aimed to become another big ratings hit. It hit alright, it hit the self destruct button. Dotted around the poolside were signs saying “No Bombing”, it’s just a shame these signs didn’t apply to the show.

Not only was the show incredibly boring it was far too long. 90 minutes of fluff interspersed with just 25 seconds of the celebrities actually diving is not what I would call a diving programme, unless you count the viewing figures.

“Starring” in the show were Sugababes singer Jade Ewen, actress Helen Lederer, presenter Jenni Falconer, comedian Omid Djalili and Benidorm actor Jake Canuso, not exactly an All-Star cast for a primetime slot on Saturday night.